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We frequently get asked where our artwork comes from. Law enforcement professionals have received our posters, mugs and puzzles, and are fascinated by the art and the artist. Jett Jackson, the artist, is a friend of the company. We commissioned her to do our artwork using a chronologic story board of 7 acrylic-on-canvas paintings:

Each 34" by 44" painting was scanned on a large platform using a super-cooled digital camera suspended on an overhead gantry. The camera moved in a matrix pattern and shot 2" by 2" squares of each painting (374 shots per painting). The 374 squares were then weaved together using software. Each painting took several hours to scan and interweave.

We have used these paintings to create large posters, coffee mugs and 500-piece jigsaw puzzles. The first series was based upon the "Crime in the City" painting. Our next release of posters, coffee mugs and puzzles will use the "Crime Scene" painting.

You can see Jett Jackson's other works by going to