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Foray Technologies releases ADAMS™ Version 5.5

February, 2017 - Foray Technologies' ADAMS™ Version 5.5 is now available. This release adds 64 bit support, processing with 3rd party applications from Adams Web, automatic login to Adams Web, send report directly to printer, and automatic Case number generation. See the Release Notes for details.

Case Study - Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

January, 2017 - Montgomery County Sheriff's Office gains efficiency, cost savings with ADAMS Software for managing physical evidence, digital and latent assets Read the Case Study

Foray Technologies publishes Fall 2016 Newsletter

November, 2016 - Foray Technologies has published the Fall 2016 edition of its newsletter, packed with useful information. Check it out.

Foray Technologies releases ADAMS™ Version 5.4

September, 2016 - Foray Technologies' ADAMS™ Version 5.4 is now available. This release adds support for Windows 10, Photoshop CC 2015.5, and Visio 2016. See the Release Notes for details.

Foray Technologies releases ADAMS™ Version 5.3

May, 2016 - Foray Technologies' ADAMS™ Version 5.3 is now available. Support for SQL Server 2014, a new web service for vending Request data, and more. See the Release Notes for details.

Foray Technologies releases ADAMS™ Version 5.2

February, 2016 - Foray Technologies' ADAMS™ Version 5.2 is now available. Enhanced image viewing, new watermarking options, new export file naming options, and more. See the Release Notes for details.

Foray Technologies releases ADAMS™ Version 5

January, 2016 - Foray Technologies' ADAMS™ Version 5 is now available. New in this release: an overhaul of Adams Web. Support for French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, and Arabic. 20+ built-in workflows and much more.

Foray Technologies releases ADAMS™ Version 4.7

November, 2014 - Foray Technologies' ADAMS™ Version 4.7 is now available. This release includes support for Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 along with a few bug fixes.

Foray Technologies releases ADAMS™ Version 4.6

July, 2014 - Foray Technologies' ADAMS™ Version 4.6 is now available. With this release Adams support is added for many new technologies and platforms. Bugs were squashed as well. Support for the following was added. Please see the full release notes for details.

Boynton Beach Police to buy new evidence tracking system

May, 2014 - Boynton Beach Police receive approval to purchase Foray Technologies' ADAMS™ digital evidence management system. Read the full article at myPalmBeachPost

Foray Technologies releases ADAMS™ Version 4.5

February, 2014 - Foray Technologies' ADAMS™ Version 4.5 is now available. This is another big update. Included in this release is greatly expanded use and capabilities of the HTML Report Tempalte engine, support for custom Crystal based reports, huge performance improvements on the Assets page, thumbnail captions, and support for IE 10. And of course, lots of bug fixes.


Reports have received a major upgrade in this release. There are almost 30 new and improved reports. HTML report templates have been greatly expanded and custom Crystal based reports can now be used. All reports within Adams Web are now customizable. All of the new reporting functionality is exclusive to Adams Web.

Assets Page Performance Improved

The loading, display, filtering, and selection of thumbnails on the Assets page in Adams Web has been completely rewritten. Gone are the long delays for large numbers of assets. Thousands of assets will now load almost instantly. Likewise, there is no delay when selecting large ranges of thumbnails or filtering assets. Sadly, you will no longer be able to justify a coffee break while the asset page loads.

Thumbnail Captions

Thumbnails in Adams Web (finally) have the Name displayed below each thumbnail for easier identification. It also appears when hovering over a thumbnail in case it was too long to show entirely below the thumbnail.

IE 10

Adams Web now supports Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) through 10 (IE10).

Foray Technologies releases ADAMS™ Version 4.4

September, 2013 - Foray Technologies' ADAMS™ Version 4.4 is now available. This release introduces introduces a powerful new feature, Asset Owner, along with bug fixes.

Asset Owner

Ownership within Adams has been moved from the Folder level down to individual Assets. Now multiple departments can more easily use Adams together by keeping management of their assets separate. Asset owners can be changed both on specific assets as well as in bulk for the entire system. A variety of privileges help to ensure that SOPs and access rules are enforced.

Foray Technologies releases ADAMS™ Version 4.3

February, 2013 – Foray Technologies' ADAMS™ Version 4.3 is now available. In addition to the usual bug fixes this update is certified to run on United States Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB) compliant workstations. Agencies wishing to run ADAMS™ on workstations configured to the USGCB standard can now do so. Contact for technical requirements.

Foray Technologies releases ADAMS™ Version 4.2

January, 2013 – Foray Technologies' ADAMS™ Version 4.2 is now available. This release is primarily a bug fix and performance enhancement release. There are significant performance improvements for cases with large numbers of assets.

Foray Technologies releases ADAMS™ Version 4.1

October, 2012 – Foray Technologies' ADAMS™ Version 4.1 is now available. In addition to a large number of bug fixes this release introduces the ability to export multiple pieces of digital evidence at once from Adams Web™. This enhancement makes it significantly easier for authorized users to export the evidence they need from the system. Users can be crime scene investigators, detectives, district attorneys, or any other authorized user.

Foray Technologies releases ADAMS™ Version 4.0

May, 2012 - Foray Technologies' ADAMS™ Version 4.0 is now available. With over 100 new features this release is packed full of improvements. Headline features include request management, annotations, and support for Latent Case Management and ACE-V documentation.

Request Management

Request Management is a powerful new solution for managing your evidence related data collection and workflow/process management. Request Management works by allowing request types to be custom defined for each agency. These definitions then tell the system how to walk the user through the process. Request types can be defined and easily updated by the agency whenever policy changes. Request types can be defined for anything from Latent Case Management (LCM)/ACE-V to Transcriptions. Eliminate paper forms and enforce policy using ADAMS and Request Management.


Now you can Annotate your latent images on-screen right within Adams Web™. Annotations are an essential part of the ACE-V process and with ADAMS™ 4.0 you have all you need. More than just another drawing tool ADAMS™ Annotations was created specifically to meet the needs of latent print processors. Along with the standard drawing and text tools are special tools for bifurcations, ending ridges, and minutiae points. Create multiple annotations for an image. Annotate two images at once. Control who can see an annotation to ensure ACE-V compliance. Have someone check you work from a remote location. Everything you need is here.

Report Templates

Along with Request Management comes a new report engine for designing and running reports for requests. Reports are defined using HTML and the output is PDF. Include high resolution images, annotations, and any data related to a request. As with everything in ADAMS report templates are editable by your agency so that you can make the changes you need.

New Licensing Model

As of ADAMS™ 4.0 several modules that were previously optional are now included as part of the core system. This includes: Audit Trail, Advanced User Rights Management, Advanced Archival Management, and Adams Web Advanced* functionality including Property & Evidence Management. You now have access to almost everything that ADAMS has to offer.

ADAMS Bag & Tag Solution named Innovation Awards Finalist

November, 2011 - Foray Technologies' Bag & Tag solution has been named a Finalist in the Software Category of Cygnus Law Enforcement Group Innovations Awards.

The ADAMS Bag & Tag solution is a free application for the Apple® iPad®. It allows crime scene investigators and first responders to document evidence on-the-spot while at the crime scene. No more handwritten notes, reports or labels. No more writing the same information over and over. Just one easy, intuitive application to bag, tag and document crime scene evidence.

With ADAMS Bag & Tag, crime scene investigators can enter case information, document crime scene evidence, review property items and print property reports.

For information on ADAMS Bag & Tag, contact your Foray Technologies Sales Representative.

Foray Technologies releases ADAMS™ Version 3.0

April, 2010 - Foray Technologies' latest ADAMS™ Version 3.0 was released to the public January, 2010. ADAMS Version 3.0 is ideal for agencies that want to manage physical and digital evidence gathered at crime scenes with ease but require strict control over access to that evidence while allowing additional options for viewing, searching and retrieving case and evidence information.

New optional modules included in ADAMS Version 3.0 such as ADAMS Web Advanced make an audit trail throughout ADAMS a full chain of custody. ADAMS Web Advanced provides users additional options for retrieving and managing digital evidence. For instance, users are able to edit case summaries and evidence descriptions via a browser. Users can view the chain of custody, verify case changes and describe specific evidence processing steps. This new release allows processing of both physical evidence AND digital evidence within the same fully customizable application. Foray Technologies' Vice President of Product Development Mont Rothstein said, "The customization in Property & Evidence is exciting because of how much freedom it gives agencies to collect exactly the data they want without forcing them into our, or anyone else's, way of doing things". Nested Groups (groups within groups) are supported in Active Directory for managing privileges. Asset folder number formatting can be used to adhere to a specific case numbering format. And there is now an Image Calibration Icon that appears on the thumbnail for images that have been calibrated within Digital Workplace.

With the new Video Interview Capture System, detective interviews can now be digitally recorded and acquired directly into ADAMS. Foray's new ADAMS Transient Repository allows large-file-sized assets, such as in-car video or digital audio recordings, to be acquired into a special ADAMS repository with a set of retention rules that determine which assets are kept for how long, and if/when those assets are to be uploaded to the main ADAMS repository.

For information on ADAMS Version 3.0, contact your Foray Technologies Sales Representative.

New Crime Scene Photography Book Available

April, 2010 - The second edition of "Crime Scene Photography" by Edward M. Robinson (with chapter contributions by Foray Technologies' David "Ski" Witzke) has been released. This is an essential reference book for all aspects of crime scene photography that covers topics such as photography techniques, the Inverse Square Law, court cases affecting digital photography, photogrammetry and digital technologies. This new edition can be ordered from online bookstores.

Foray Technologies Teams Up with Forensic Digital Imaging, Inc for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Veterans Curation Project (VCP)

October, 2009 - In August of 2009 Forensic Digital Imaging, Inc. (FDI) was awarded a contract for the VCP program to develop and implement a complete digital imaging system designed for the visual documentation of artifacts and documents associated with archaeological collections owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. As president of (FDI) David Knoerlein "digital dave" a retired forensic analyst, recognized the similarities between forensic evidence processing and management and the archaeological curation process. Working with collections experts and with the mission goals of the program in mind, David created a comprehensive system of equipment, software, procedures, and training to meet their special needs.

It was decided early on that a forensic imaging management system would be utilized to acquire, store, and manage all of the digital assets. After numerous meetings with various Foray Technologies personnel and experts in the archaeological curation field a solution was designed for the VCP by Foray Technologies using Foray's ADAMS™ software platform to meet the specific needs of the VCP program.

Penn Camera and Foray Technologies Partner for Joint Marketing and Sales Program

September, 2007 - Foray Technologies and Penn Camera joined forces to create a joint marketing and sales program.  Together, Foray Technologies and Penn Camera will provide a range of digital photography and related products and services that cannot be matched by any other digital imaging solutions provider in the country! 

In addition, Penn Camera's forensics division brings together the best expertise in the law enforcement community including renowned forensic photography experts such as Jason Guffy and Dick McEvoy which provides a level of knowledge, expertise and training services that is second to none.

Foray Technologies releases ADAMS™ Version 2.0

September, 2007 - Foray Technologies’ latest ADAMS™ Version 2.0 release is ideal for agencies that want to manage digital evidence gathered at crime scenes with ease but require strict control over access to assets while allowing additional options for viewing, searching and retrieving digital files.

With ADAMS, the authenticity of each original asset is maintained while the system provides complete control over the chain of custody of each and every digital asset.  Whether those digital assets are images, audio or video files, mobile phone memory contents or computer hard drive images, each piece of digital evidence is managed with the same care as an agency handles their physical evidence.

Highlights of ADAMS Version 2.0 include: improved security, advanced user rights capabilities, automated archiving capabilities, additional viewing options, improved image processing, improved performance and much more.

For more information on ADAMS 2.0, contact your Foray Technologies Sales Representative.

New Footwear Textbook Available

September, 2007 - The second edition of “Footwear, The Missed Evidence” by Dwane Hilderbrand (with our own David “Ski” Witzke as contributing author) has just been released. This book addresses the needs of the crime scene investigator in the areas of collection and recovery of footwear impression evidence and is available through a number of distributors or can be ordered directly at: http://www.

ImageWare Systems and Foray Technologies Partner to Provide Extended Law Enforcement and Forensic Solution

November, 2006 - ImageWare® Systems, Inc. (AMEX: IW), a leading developer and provider of identity management solutions, today announced a joint marketing and strategic reseller agreement with Foray Technologies, a provider of complete case management and image authentication solutions. Read PDF

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