Property & Evidence

Physical Property & Evidence Collection, Storage and Management
Property & Evidence
  • Receive/Check In/Check Out
  • Chain of Custody
  • Audit
  • Dispose
  • Barcodes
  • Lab Requests

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The ADAMS Property & Evidence solution (P&E) gives you rock-solid control over the collection, storage and management of evidence gathered at crime scenes. With its highly configurable screens and reports, ADAMS P&E allows you to tailor the software to your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). You can streamline evidence processing, reduce redundant data entry, increase efficiency, and improve check-in response time. Using barcode bag-and-tag at the crime scene, and rigorous check-in and check-out processes, your chain of custody is locked down from the time evidence is collected to laboratory analysis to its day in court and final disposition.

Property Page

Gather evidence at a crime scene. Collect, document and check in evidence.

Enter property item detail. Describe property item details such as when the item was collected and where it was located along with other customizable, category-specific fields at the crime scene or at the agency.

Enter Priperty Info

Create property sub-items. Use sub-items for tracking samples for analysis. Identify clippings from clothing, DNA samples, cartridges for firearms analysis, etc. Display a user-friendly view of the item/subitem hierarchy. Create sub-items of sub-items for a complete, detailed chain-of-custody.

Edit Receive Property Info

Use evidence lockers. Identify the method of delivery to the property room, whether it be in-person or by using a secure drop location.

Select Storage Location

Select property room locations to store property items. Determine which locations (room, shelf, bins, cold storage, etc.) should be used for each piece of submitted evidence.

Print Receipt

Print receipts. Create a receipt for the person submitting the evidence as a record of the change of custody.

Authenticate Release

Authenticate property item releases. As an additional security step, authenticate the person that is checking out evidence using positive identification, whether they are law enforcement personnel, a common carrier, or a representative from another agency.

Receive Property

Receive Property

Check Out Property

Transfer custody. Check out a property item/sub-item or group of items to the crime lab, district attorney, another agency, or any other off-site location.

Chain of Custody

Display current propery item custody. View the current location and changes in chain of custody for selected property items.

Perform Audit

Audit. Scan locations and items to verify everything is where it should be.

Run Location to Audit Report

Select locations to audit. For property rooms too large to be audited at one time, create rolling audits so that the audit can be broken up over time and over selected locations.

Location to Audit Report

Locations to Audit Report

Record Audit

Record audit exceptions. Note exceptions to the audit, document missing or extra property items, and make note of any damaged items.

Process Audit

Process Audit.

Reconcile Audit

Reconcile audit.

Return Notification Postcard

Manage Retruns. Generate and send custom postcards and letters informing owners that they can pick up their property. Meet SOPs for sending multiple and escalated notices.

Disposal Management

Dispose of assets. Easily find items that may be eligible for disposal. Use request management to obtain authorization to dispose. Manage approved items through the destruction, auction, return, and re-purpose processes.

Property Reports

Run property reports. Generate ticklers for overdue items, items potentially eligible for disposal, items awaiting disposal, return notifications that must be sent, etc.

Property Barcode Label

Lay out bar code labels. Customize the contents and layout of barcode labels.

Case Information

Configure analysis types. Set up various analysis types (DNA, Latent Prints, Narcotics, etc.) and track physical evidence processing throughout the lab.

Case Information

Create custom fields. Set up any number of custom fields for agency-specific SOP needs.

Case Information

Lay out bar code labels. Customize the contents and layout of barcode labels.

Print reports. Generate numerous reports to list property items and sub-items, chain of custody, item status, bar coded audit reports, analysis reports, plus other reports useful in managing the property room.

Case Information Case Information Case Information